U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu speak during a meeting in the Oval Office, September 30, 2013 in Washington, DC.(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNN’s Piers Morgan that while he wouldn’t call Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, he’d consider taking a call from Rouhani. No word on Bibi’s take on a possible texting situation. [JTA]

• Meanwhile, though the U.S. and Israel share a goal on stopping Iran’s nuclear program, recent events show that their preferred strategies differ enormously. [NYT]

• The Menurkey, my personal favorite Hanukkiah designed by a 9-year-old, is profiled—along with creator Asher Weintraub—in the Wall Street Journal. [WSJ]

• The first Arab to be named a Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem is the late Mohamed Helmy, an Egyption doctor who hid a Jewish woman in a cabin he owned in Berlin. [NYT]

• One apparent theory for the etymology of the word ‘bigot?’ The Spanish term hombre de bigotes—“a man with a mustache”—used to describe religious Jewish men who didn’t shave. [Mental Floss]

• The new play Bad Jews is being called the best comedy of the season, so there’s that. [NYT]