Soy beans.(iStockphoto)

• In protest of the upcoming release of 26 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, activists placed signs in front of graves at Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery reading “Your death was in vain.” [Times of Israel]

• Israel’s Agriculture Ministry is launching a 4.5 million NIS campaign to spay and neuter 45,000 stray cats. [Jerusalem Post]

• Worried soy-based foods may lead to gay sexual activity—a fear doctors promptly diagnosed as scientifically unfounded—Israel’s Gur yeshiva has banned students from consuming any such products. [Your Jewish News] (UPDATE: Tablet’s Yair Rosenberg points out the problematic nature with this story, which was picked up by a variety of media outlets)

• A group of academics created an online archive of every public statement Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has ever uttered. [BetaBeat]

• A Brooklyn court awarded deliveryman Adam Wiercinski $900,000 after 16 years of anti-Semitic harassment by supervisors at Manhattan’s Mangia 57 restaurant. [JTA]