Mindy Pollak, the 24-year-old Hasidic woman running for borough councillor in Outremont, an arrondissement of Montreal, won her election yesterday, becoming the first Hasidic woman to hold office in Montreal. Last month, Karen Skinazi profiled Pollak, whose political aspirations developed from her involvement with neighborhood issues, specifically her role in combating tensions between the Hasidic community and wider population:

From here Pollak’s political ambitions, and her commitment to local issues, only grew. In an interview with Montreal’s CTV news station, she says, “This is not the kind of neighborhood we want to live in. We want to live in a neighborhood that’s respectful and tolerant.” Pollak’s candidacy is backed by Projet Montréal, a small municipal party devoted to sustainable urbanism, and her campaign focuses on unity.

Congratulations to Pollak on her history-making win.

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