Portrait of St. Catherine of Alexandria, painted in Italy in 1615.(Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

• Thousands of people gathered in Tel Aviv for the funeral of Arik Einstein, the music sensation who, as Liel Leibovitz wrote yesterday, once defined and embodied Israeli culture. [Times of Israel]

• In Israel, a country with one of the highest breast cancer rates in the world, a screening campaign for cancer-causing genetic mutations has sparked a heated debate, and many emotional family discussions. [NYT]

• The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s most recent donation is a Baroque-era painting that was looted by Nazis in 1944 and returned to its owner’s family last week. [NY Post]

• The wife of Alan Gross, the subcontractor for the State Department imprisoned in Cuba in 2009, is launcing a new campaign for Gross’ freedom. [Forward]

• FBI and the National Security Agency chiefs both reportedly visited Israel recently, likely part of the administration’s attempt to emphasize its security relationship with Israel. [JTA]

• Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi, wants you to enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey without Instagramming it. Only awkward if you remember that Facebook owns Instagram. [Jewcy]