What do Wolf Blitzer, Ben Bernanke, and B.J. Novak have in common? Bonfires and bunkbeds, of course.

These Camp Ramah veterans are just a few of many famous figures listed on the ‘Famous Alumni’ section of Summer Camp Culture, our new favorite website. (Curiously, the ‘About’ page warns that not all material is suitable for children.)

Like all classic camp stories, this one is cliquey. It looks like the serious kids flocked to one camp while the comedically-inclined kids went elsewhere. Ralph Lauren, Alan Dershowitz, and Noam Chomsky all went to Camp Massad in Pennsylvania, while actor Bryan Greenberg of How to Make it in America and the Coen brothers headed to Wisconsin’s Camp Herzl.

The list of Jewish camp alums goes on, with Seth Rogen spending his summers at Camp Miriam in Canada and Matisyahu attending Kutsher’s Camp in Monticello, NY.

The real question, though, is whether any of these autograph-worthy people were in your bunk—or better yet, if they signed your signing pillow.

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