Gadhafi on a visit to Rome in June.(Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Where will Muammar Gadhafi lay his weary head during the U.N. General Assembly this week? Lodging troubles for the Libyan dictator began in August, when townspeople protested a plan to pitch his Bedouin-style tent in Englewood, New Jersey; New York City’s Central Park and two Manhattan hotels also reportedly turned him down. According to a real estate broker interviewed by ABC News, Gadhafi’s agents even pretended to be members of Holland’s delegation in an attempt to rent a townhouse. (“I’m not a linguist, but it became pretty clear I wasn’t dealing with the Dutch,” the broker said.) Now, some media outlets, including the Israeli news site Ynet and Fox News, say he’s staying at the home of the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations (where protesters gathered yesterday), while others report rumors that he’s pitching his tent in the Westchester County town of Bedford, up the street from Martha Stewart—possibly, according to the Huffington Post, on Donald Trump’s estate. (A Trump spokesman denied this). Vincent L. Leibell, the state senator who represents the area, confirmed to ABC that Gadhafi’s delegation had rented property there, and added cowboyishly, “Don’t want to see him in my county or my district. There’s not going to be any welcome mat for him in Bedford.” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, meanwhile, found a hotel near U.N. headquarters, but has reportedly been turned down from two New York banquet halls where he hoped to hold functions.

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