Four Killed in Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting

An Israeli couple and two members of museum staff killed; suspect at large

By Stephanie Butnick|May 25, 2014 11:57 AM

A gunman entered the Brussels Jewish Museum yesterday, killing three people [1] and critically wounding a fourth, who died from his injuries [2] hours later.

The AP reports, “Interior Minister Joelle Milquet told reporters that the shooter apparently parked a car outside before entering the Jewish Museum. She added the gunman ‘apparently fired rather quickly, went outside and left.’ ” Police are currently looking for the suspect.

Two of the victims were Mira and Emmanuel Riva, an Israeli couple visiting Brussels. The Times of Israel reports [3] that they were on a private walking tour of the city when the shooting occurred. They have two teenage daughters in Tel Aviv.

The third immediate victim [5] was a female volunteer at the museum, and the fourth was a 23-year-old museum employee named Alexandre Strens.

Security at Jewish institutions across Belgium has been raised to high levels, Reuters reports [6]. Belgium’s Jewish population is approximately 42,000 people, half of whom live in Brussels.

Pope Francis, currently visiting Israel, condemned the attack [7] in a speech in Tel Aviv.

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