An illustration for All-of-a-Kind Family. (Helen John, from All-of-a-Kind Family, Random House)

Devotees of Ella, Henny and the gang conjured by Sydney Taylor unable to get new copies of the sequels to All-of-a-Kind Family are in luck. The books—More All-of-a-Kind Family, All-of-a-Kind Family Uptown, All-of-a-Kind Family Downtown, and Ella of All-of-a-Kind Family—had just gone out of print from Yearling when writer and editor Lizzie Skurnick seized the opportunity to acquire rights to reissue the volumes under her eponymous imprint.

“These are not only personal favorites of mine and personal favorites of readers, they’re a piece of a very important period in New York history and in Jewish history,” said Skurnick. Taylor wrote “so deftly and so wonderfully that a reader gets much more of a complete picture of the period and the characters than you would from reading Our Crowd. I also think these are the Jewish Little House on the Prairie books and so we want to maintain them for readers who value them right now and also so young readers can have the series too.”

Each reissue will include a forward by June Cummins, an associate professor of English and Comparative literature at San Diego State University currently working on a biography of Taylor. The first sequel comes out this month. The remaining three will be republished every month through October.

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