You may have seen our Tablet tote bags before, either in person or on our Facebook page. They’re emblazoned with fun Jewish slogans like “I’m Kind of a Big Macher,” and “Dayenu, Already,” along with the Tablet logo.

We’re making a new batch, and we figured who better to help us brainstorm new taglines than our readers! After all, you guys will be the lucky recipients—our tote bags serve as prizes for reader contests and giveaways during our fundraising campaigns.

Previous tote bags have proclaimed: “Nice Jewish Girl,” “Nice Jewish Boy,” “I Should Have Worn a Sweater,” “Hello Gorgeous,” “My Other Bag is Big and Brown,” and the classic, ever-popular “Mensch.”

Share your tagline ideas in the comments section. We’re looking for brief, witty, original wording. If we pick your submission, you’ll be gifted a tote with your slogan on it.

May the punniest win.