Tired of seeing the token bottle of Manischewitz idle in the corner of the buffet table during the Passover seder, touched by no one, its sweet, sweet nectar going unappreciated? You’re in luck. Shannon Sarna, the food writer behind concoctions like brisket latkes and candy-filled challah, has one-upped herself this year with a recipe for something so strange and inventive it might just be brilliant: the Manischewitz Wine Cheese Ball.

Sarna shared the recipe with VinePair, the site that gave us the Rosh Hashanah Manischewitz Fizz and seems hellbent on making Manischewitz our drink of choice on Jewish holidays.

“Do you remember wine cheese from your childhood – the orange and red-ish swirled cheese that comes in a container?” Sarna asks, adding, “It’s not fancy or gourmet, but it is delicious and addictive in that I-know-this-is-bad-for-me-but-I-can’t-stop-eating-it sort of way.”

Of her latest, Passover-friendly creation, she explains, “It tastes like my childhood in the best way possible and is a perfect appetizer with crackers (or matzah), veggies and a big old glass of wine. Or maybe even four.”

Dayenu. You can get the recipe here. Also try Sarna’s seder desserts your guests won’t believe are kosher for Passover.

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