James Franco, who recently became a bar mitzvah, celebrated his entrance into Jewish manhood in the only way a young man should: with a faux bris and a performance from teenage dream Miley Cyrus. Franco’s Hollywood bash was organized by Seth Rogen and his wife, Lauren, as a part of an annual fundraising variety show called Hilarity for Charity, an organization helping to to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease.

And it was classic. During the show, rockers HAIM (they’re Jewish!) performed “Hava Nagila” while Franco was lifted on a chair and revelers danced the hora.

Later, a Magen David-clad Miley Cyrus performed a couple songs for Franco, including a cover of Otis Day and the Knights’ “Shout.”

And Rogen apparently sang a song from Fiddler on the Roof, before Jeff Goldblum showed up, playing a mohel who circumcises Franco. Zac Efron, played his foreskin via video. Check out the scoop from E! here. And hey, it’s variety show for charity. Good for them.

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