Hitler’s anti-Semitic manifesto, Mein Kampf (or, “My Struggle”), which he wrote while imprisoned in 1923, will be reprinted in France and Germany beginning next year when the exclusive copyright is upMein Kampf was originally published in 1923, but a French reprint has not been made since 1934, although English versions are available. The Bavarian State has held a copyright on the work since the author’s death-by-suicide, 70 years ago.

Reported the AFP:

Fayard, a French publishing company, said in a statement it was going ahead with an annotated French print, after pondering on it for the past four years…

…The upcoming German-language reprint will be handled by the government-funded Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, which emphasises the book’s historical importance. It too, will be providing annotations to the text.

Fayard’s edition “will be accompanied by a critical analysis established by a scientific committee of French and foreign historians,” according to a statement. But the announcement was not well-received by all, especially members of the Jewish community in France, where anti-Semitism has peaked in recent years.

The German reprint hits bookstores in Germany at the beginning of 2016. Fayard did not indicate when the French translation would be released.