Think fashion and Hasidic music don’t mix? Think again. On Monday, Tel Aviv’s Fashion Week, which finished on Wednesday, featured an unforgettable hit: “Maaminim,” the all time bar-mitzvah favorite from Mordechai Ben David aka MBD aka Mordechai Werdyger aka the American Hasidic “King of Jewish Music.”

After several sets of classical music that were a snooze (to make you focus on the clothes, I guess?) Ben David’s classic blasted as part of the final leg of mother-daughter design duo Tovale+’s show. The featured models, gowned in slinky sequins and stylish sass, danced along to the Ultra-Orthodox tune like nobody’s business. No wonder Tovale, the matriarch of the brand, is known as the designer who “fills the Israeli fashion world with color and a sense of humor.”