On October 24, some person (or people, for that matter), drew a swastika on the wall of a University of Missouri dormitory bathroom using human shit. Maybe this person was drunk or hella blazed and therefore thought it would be a funny ha ha thing to do. Or maybe this person is simply a raging racist, an idiot who could only muster the courage to speak his or her mind via a hateful symbol in the confines of a unisex college bathroom. I don’t know, it was probably some mixture of the two. But at least now we have the (heavily redacted) police report, and, for better or worse, picture evidence of the swastika. It’s gross, be warned.

On Wednesday, the University of Missouri police released the incident report. What went down, as evidenced from the six-page report, of which the final page is mostly censored, is that a member of the residence hall staff called up the police at 2:12 a.m. and then showed the officer the vandalism. “In room 3175 I noticed there was a swastika drawn on the wall by someone using feces…” At the time, it was reportedly being investigated as a “hate crime,” but was later dubbed as “tampering.” The Mizzou Hillel was notified.

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