The betrayer who is betrayed.

The deceiver deceived.

Away! Away!

What away?

Away to where

in the yellow air?

To the meadow that was?

To the lambs just birthed?

To the falling birds?


In our standing up, though a little bent—dayenu.

With our eyes seeing though blurred—dayenu.

With our ears almost hearing—dayenu.

Upon our lieing down and our rising—dayenu.

On our remembering our beloved’s name—dayenu.                                     

On our kneeling down—dayenu.

By the skin of our teeth—dayenu.

In our heart that expands and contracts—dayenu.

In our worried heart, fearful and afraid—dayenu.



(January 2016)

Translated from Hebrew by Rachel Tzvia Back.

This article was originally published on April 20, 2016.