It’s Wednesday night, and this is what I hope you do with it.

I hope that you invite a select group of friends and family over to your crib. Ask each of them to bring over something valuable, like a tube of Pringles or babka, or a big meaty loaf of braided egg challah. Before they arrive, clean your home a bit. You know it could use it. And it’s OK: Nosh a bit on your own before anybody shows up. Maybe slug a Dr. Brown’s.

Then, when everybody arrives, play them this: Sandy Koufax’s four-hit shutout in Game 7 of the 1965 World Series. And, of course, the post-game interview during which Koufax is asked how he feels, to which he responds, “A hundred and one.” This’ll get the juices flowing for tonight’s decisive tilt, regardless if you have a dog in the fight. Game 7, baby!

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