There seems to be no end to the parade of glamorous Israeli (and pseudo-Israeli) celebrity babies over the past year. First, supermodel Bar Refaeli had a baby in August. Then Natalie Portman’s dramatic—and hidden–labor that kept her away from this year’s historic Oscars. Then Wonder Woman Gal Gadot dropped her new album–sorry, daughter—just a couple of weeks ago. And now, Bar Refaeli is at it again, with an Instagram announcement that “something’s cooking” in her perfectly svelte, Victoria’s Secret-approved uterus! Forget the Irish, these are Tel Aviv twins.

And Bar seems so happy about it. Maybe being a supermodel really does make everything easier: physical perfection, which translates to copious milk production and babies that sleep through the night at four weeks, and a body that miraculously snap back into Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue shape as soon as you get home from the hospital.

Perhaps the “beauty bubble”–as termed by Liz Lemon in an episode of 30 Rock when she dates Jon Hamm, who plays a bumbling doctor that nobody has ever bothered to tell that he’s bad at tennis and medicine and in fact, life, because he’s so damn handsome—applies to childbirth and motherhood as well. (Gisele Bundchen—far from Israeli, but still a supermodel—certainly seemed to find it a snap, given her public remarks about how there should be a “breastfeeding law,” requiring new mothers to do so for six months.)

But you know, mostly I think Bar Refaeli and all these other women are providing a public service in these troubled times, because babies make people feel happy and optimistic in otherwise troubled times. It’s a sign of hope in the future, that there will still be a livable world for all these gorgeous Jewish children to grow up into – and an Instagram for the rest of us to look at pictures of them on. After all, having your own child is an indescribably, profound experience. But getting to look at someone else’s beautiful baby on the Internet, without ever having to change a diaper? Priceless.

Something’s cooking …

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