Here we all are, recovering from Passover. I don’t think anyone can put it better than Oprah does.

But other than eating obscene amounts of bread, what can you do to take care of yourself as a Jewish person? I tried asking my friends about post-Pesach cleanses but I mostly got replies about how Passover is the cleanse. That’s nice, but clearly none of them ate as much shmurah matzo as I did.

Well, detoxes aside, Jewcy has provided a “self-care” lifestyle list with fun Semitic ways to treat yourself like, say, bathing in chicken soup and using matzo balls as bath bombs. That sort of thing.

But if our comedy stylings aren’t enough for you, we’ve also written up a professional: Moshe Kasher has a new TV show, which may provide you with the secret to managing the racist relatives that you no doubt encountered over the holiday.

Finally, in legitimately exciting news, we have an interview with two key players in The Zookeeper’s Wife—screenwriter Angela Workman and star Daniel Brühl. Workman talks about the significance of animal caretakers subverting Hitler, and Brühl talks about why he’s not tired of playing the villain—even Nazis.

Alright, one more bread link for the road. Here’s an amazing blog that photoshops celebrities into bread puns… like Challah Abdul.