Oh, The Hebrew Hammer. Every Jewish middle schooler’s favorite parody of exploitation film-making featuring swearing, ass-kicking, neurotic “certified, circumcised dick” Mordechai Jefferson Carver as he fights an evil Santa Claus attempting to end Chanukah forever.

The film came out nearly fifteen years, in 2003, but writer/director Jonathan Kesselman has never given up hope of a sequel. Talks started in earnest back in 2006 (yep, a dull decade ago), and back in 2013, for the film’s anniversary, he successfully ran a Jewcer campaign for $50,000.

And then, nothing happened. It turns out $50,000 isn’t a lot of money to make a film, because now there’s another crowd-sourcing campaign, this time seeking over a million dollars ($2 million will come from elsewhere). Kesselman has made some changes to his plan for the new film (e.g. cutting a now somewhat dated bit about Mel Gibson), but the title and major premise will remain the same: The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler.

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