Screenshop is a new application that’s being hailed as Shazam for fashion, allowing users to create an online shopping list just by capturing a screenshot of an outfit they like. It was co-founded by Mark Fishman and Molly Hurwitz, two Brooklyn-based Orthodox entrepreneurs. It’s CTO is Jonathan Caras, a Jerusalem-based computer scientist. And its investor, ambassador, and spirit animal is Kim Kardashian.

“The fact that we brought on a team from Israel that has some of the best technology to figure out how to come up with something that no one has done before is so groundbreaking to me,” Kardashian told Mashable. “I’m so excited for people to see this technology.”

And people, too, are excited: After Kardashian started promoting the app in interviews and via her social media feeds, more than a million users flocked to Screenshop, a very good sign for the app’s maker, Craze, which has eight employees in Israel and four more in New York.

But the reality TV star, said Caras, was more than just a promoter, and is intimately involved with the product. “She is a real part of the company,” he said in an interview with the Israeli press. “The idea was a perfect fit for her. She was very involved. I had several meetings with her and she always provided important feedback about how to make things more efficient and accessible. I realized that she is a real global expert in marketing fashion and jewelry.”