If you’re looking to spend a night out at the movies in Ramallah, and if superhero movies are your thing, you’re out of luck: After a massive campaign, which included viral videos distributed on social media, Palestine Tower Cinemas, the city’s largest multiplex as well as the sole film distributor in the Palestinian Authority, has announced that it won’t screen Justice League, Gadot’s latest blockbuster, in the West Bank’s most bustling city.

Even if you don’t read Arabic, you can tell that the campaign means business, cutting from photographs of Gadot in her Wonder Woman costume to snapshots of her in IDF uniform and showing the actress with Shimon Peres, who is to Israel as the Green Lantern’s Guardians are to the DC universe. You can watch it here:

There’s no word yet whether the film will be banned in other Palestinian towns. Meanwhile, Ramallah residents can enjoy other offerings at the Palestine Tower, including Jigsaw, a movie about a psychopath who traps and kills people in sadistic games designed solely for his own self-engrandisement and which is in no way an allegory for Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.