After a week-long hiatus, I solemnly report back to you that there was indeed news this week, and some of it did, indeed, involve the Jews.

Sara Netanyahu gets in on the action: A former spokesman for  Benjamin Netanyahu is accused of having offered a judge the position of attorney general if she dropped a bribery case brought against the PM’s wife, Sara. I tried to reach Mrs. Netanyahu for comment, but a very harried-sounding maid picked up the phone and told me it wasn’t a good time.

Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg make big donations: Steven Spielberg and Jeffery Katzenberg pledged $500,000 for the crisis actors’ march on Washington to push for the gun control.

David Mamet has a new novel: The renowned playwright was interviewed about it for Vulture, and I know this is going to blow some people’s minds, but he said “fuck” a lot and talked about Chicago a bunch.

A new Einstein letter: Einstein is known to have penned several letters to American Jews who helped, in one way or another, to assist Jews fleeing Europe. This is the third one to have surfaced.

Scott Pruitt cancels his Israel trip: You may have already heard that the head of the E.P.A. has been so thoroughly cowed by his interactions with the riffraff in coach that he now flies only business or first class, at the recommendation of his security detail. You may have also heard that Pruitt is now taking heat for it, and is attempting to cut costs where he can, which includes re-scheduling his Israel trip, which was to be spent at the five-star King David Hotel. What you probably haven’t heard is that he now plans to just tag on a Taglit trip to keep down costs.