Are you fit? Do you live in or near Alexandria, Virginia? Are you willing to work on Shabbat? Are you not currently engaged in any other major motion picture production? And, most importantly, do you believe, correctly, that Gal Gadot is the greatest actress of our generation?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above, congratulations. You’re great, and they should put you in the movies. In one movie in particular: Wonder Woman 2, currently filming on location and on the lookout for extras.

More specifically, the production—code name Magic Hour, although the film’s actual title is Wonder Woman 1984—is looking for joggers, or at least people who can pretend to be joggers for long enough while Gadot destroys her archnemesis Cheetah, the ultimate cat lady, a chemically enhanced supervillain who can control any feline alive.

Information on applying to this shot at eternal glory is available here. And if you see Gadot, kindly say a hearty mazel tov: She just won a Saturn, the Oscars of sci-fi.