• Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to finally endorse a two-state solution in a big policy speech Sunday, according to the London Times. [Times]
• A note found in James von Brunn’s car says “Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do.” In a break from the usual responses to hate crimes, people who knew von Brunn in his hometown in Maryland are not shocked that he was capable of such violence. [WP]
• The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum will reopen today. [AP]
• In an editorial, Daniel Pearl’s father posits that Israelis were less than thrilled by President Obama’s Cairo speech because he neglected to mention the anti-Israel incitements perpetuated in Palestinian schools, media, and mosques, and because he traced Israel’s legitimacy to the Holocaust, and not a 2,000 year struggle. [WSJ]
• And Rev. Jeremiah Wright clarifies that when he said “them Jews” won’t let him talk to Obama, he meant to say “Zionists.” Phew! [ABC]