• Yemen’s embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh has suggested a “control center” in Tel Aviv is fomenting protests in Arab States. [Haaretz]

• After visiting the Holocaust Museum yesterday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon linked the swift UN sanctions against Libya with a rededication to fight genocide. [UN]

• Iranians will take to the streets today to protest the incarceration of opposition leaders. [Bloomberg]

• Meanwhile, the U.S. has begun moving warships closer to Libya for a possible military campaign against Col. Gaddafi’s forces, while NATO is engaging in soul searching over imposing a no-fly zone over the North African country. [NYT]

• Made easier thanks to a Bush era deal that removed Libya’s huge cache of nuclear materials. [NYT]

• A day after police demolished three buildings in an illegal settlement at Havat Gilad, settlers attacked a Palestinian village in retaliation. [Haaretz]

• 120 Israeli schoolchildren featured in the Oscar winning documentary “Strangers No More” will most likely be deported in coming weeks. [NYT]