Wikileaks has already denied the story that Julian Assange complained to a reporter about a conspiracy of Jewish Journalists™ out to get him at the UK newspaper the Guardian. Nor were they pleased when Steven Spielberg bought the movie rights to the books written about Wikileaks by those reporters (to be fair, that doesn’t look great, but apparently some of the “Jewish” journalists–weren’t. So I doubt he cares).

They do, however, have a strange trump-card: Harvard Law Professor and Israel defender Alan Dershowitz, who recently joined the Wikileaks team as a consultant. I’m freaking out, Dersh! If Wikileaks hates Jews, we’re finished! Soothe me! He told the Forward: “I doubt that The Guardian is part of any ‘Jewish conspiracy’ or that I am part of any ‘anti-Jewish conspiracy.’” Ah!

Alan Dershowitz: Above the Assange Fray. [The Forward}