The Page(Ynet)

Marc Tracy noted Tuesday that after complaints from Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, and others, Facebook removed a page calling for a “Third Palestinian Intifada” that had been “liked” over 300,000 times. Correlation, however, apparently doesn’t imply causation. A letter published today by the higher ups from the interchangeably time-suck/revolutionary tool indicates that the page, which called for protests across the Middle East on May 15th, passed Facebook’s review process.

The reversal came, not after complaints, but because “after the publicity of the page more comments deteriorated to direct calls for violence.” While initially administrators deleted these comments, eventually they actually “began to participate in the calls.”

Not to ascribe motives to strangers, but it sounds like the administrators, who were repeatedly warned to cut it out, decided to change strategy and provoke a confrontation. Dislike.

Facebook: Intifada page removed when comments ‘deteriorated to direct calls for violence’
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