• Former president Hosni Mubarak appeared in an Egyptian court on corruption charges and involvement in the murder of protestors. He denied the charges from his hospital bed in the courtroom. [NYT]

• One of the suspects in the Fogel family murders has been convicted. [JTA]

• Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder responded to a motion filed to dismiss his lawsuit against the Washington City Paper, saying it was unconstitutional. He also said he would win anyway. [Washington City Paper]

• Famed children’s author Maurice Sendak has written his first book since 1981, and he talks to Dave Eggers about it. [Vanity Fair]

• A lawyer for Pakistan’s intelligence agency cautioned that a lawsuit filed by the family of the rabbi murdered in the 2008 Mumbai attack would have “disastrous” effects in the region. [Failed Messiah]

• In light of the recent attack on a youth camp in Norway, Jewish summer camps in the U.S. are being briefed on security measures. [JTA]