Ilan Grapel, in Israel Oct. 27 after being arrested in Cairo in June. (Israel Government Press Office via Getty Images)

• Emory University law student Ilan Grapel has landed safely in Israel and was met by his mother at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. [AP]

• Republican opposition to a motion that would prevent a London-based company with ties to Iran from having a stake in an American mining company raises questions about the Republican position on sanctions against Iran. [Washington Jewish Week]

• Poland has reopened investigations, abandoned while the country was under Communist rule, into crimes committed at Auschwitz during World War II. [AP]

• An investigation by the pro-choice organization NARAL into “crisis pregnancy centers”—which are not medical facilities—reveals, among other things, that a Jewish woman who visited five different centers was encouraged by volunteers at each center to convert to Christianity. [Think Progress]

• Oprah visited Crown Heights, Borough Park, and Brooklyn Heights for her new show. Her visit to Brooklyn Heights included a tour of a mikvah. [Chabad]

• Photos (with recipes!) of the most intricate bite-size reproductions of Jewish deli food you’ve ever seen, ever. Borscht bite, anyone? [The Polymath Chronicles]