• A faith-based coalition led by the Orthodox Union convinced the U.S. House to include a provision on their latest bill offering subsidies to non-profits that want to retrofit their energy systems for efficiency. [WPost]
• Germany plans to pass a law “rehabilitating” people who were branded traitors by the Nazis, and, in most cases, assassinated by that regime. [JPost]
• Al Franken won a senate seat in Minnesota, ending the eight month standoff, giving the Democrats a probable 60 votes that could help them avoid filibusters, and leaving the senate with no Jewish Republicans. [JTA]
• After the latest four-hour tête-à-tête between Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and U.S. envoy George Mitchell about the settlements, and despite the fact that President Obama has not “authorized any negotiating room,” Barak wants it known that the two nations are not “stuck” on the issue. [JTA]