The damaged Israeli embassy vehicle. (Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Video footage from the scene in New Delhi, India, shows the badly damaged Israeli embassy vehicle that was carrying the wife of the Israeli Defense Ministry attaché when a magnetic car bomb, which police say was affixed to the vehicle by a motorcyclist, exploded.

Details surrounding the two car bomb attempts—targeting vehicles associated with the Israeli embassy in New Delhi and Tbilisi, Georgia (where the explosive was discovered and safely detonated)—continue to emerge, and Prime Minister Netanyahu has publically blamed Iran, specifically Iranian-backed Hezbollah, for the attacks.

According to the New York Times:

Mr. Netanyahu confirmed that an Israeli woman was among the two people injured in New Delhi and that the attempted bombing in Georgia was against a local employee of the Israeli Embassy there. Israel Radio reported that the injured woman was the wife of the Israeli Defense Ministry attaché at the embassy in New Delhi. A doctor at the hospital where she was taken said that shrapnel had penetrated her spine and liver and that she was undergoing spinal surgery.

Indian television station Star News broadcast images of the scene after the explosion:

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