• The Knesset will hold an emergency meeting next week to discuss stopping the planned evacuation of the Migron settlement. Danny Danon, who gathered the signatures for the discussion, also called for Defense Minister Ehud Barak be replaced by a nationalist. [JPost]

• Shaul Mofaz, who just this weekend was arguing that Prime Minister Netanyahu should trust President Obama on Iran, criticized the President’s message to the Ayatollah Khamenei that Iran might keep a civilian nuclear program under certain conditions. [JPost]

• Eric Cantor may have—at least partly—taken sides in a GOP primary because one of the candidates once suggested that he would not be “saved.” [Politico]

• Peter Beinart has once again been afforded space in the Grey Lady, this time to respond to unnamed critics. [NYT]

• As fighting continues in Syria despite a looming ceasefire deadline, Kofi Annan is asking Iran to put pressure on Bashar Assad. [NYT]

• The Israeli and Lebanese navies have increasingly been teaming-up. [Haaretz]

• Israel is in secret negotiations on their participation in a conference for a nuclear free Middle East. [Haaretz]