Daybreak: Israel Forgives, British Jews Don’t

Vandalism, a troublesome comparison, and more from the news

By Hadara Graubart|July 9, 2009 9:09 AM

• Israel’s Foreign Ministry has forgiven the European Union, which apologized for criticizing Israel’s settlement policy as economically crippling to Palestinians. [Arutz Sheva [1]]
• Meanwhile, British Jewish groups have scoffed at the apology of Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone, who last week praised [2] Hitler’s ability to “get things done.” [CNN [3]]
• Four members of the Jewish Defense League in France have allegedly vandalized a pro-Palestinian book store. [Ynet [4]]
• A new Jewish American museum in Philadelphia, set to open next year, is holding a vote on its website to determine 18 people to honor in an exhibit. [Philadelphia Enquirer [5]]
• Andrew Sullivan revives the Sarah Palin-as-Queen Esther analogy. [Atlantic [6]]

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