Mary Fisher at the 1992 Republican National Convention.(Emerson Kent/a>)

The Washington Post had a long report today on Mitt Romney’s prep school days at Detroit’s (well, Bloomfield Hills’) Cranbrook School—a fact that does him no favors with Michiganders who didn’t attend—and how he was a bit of a bully. Romney has apologized, but there is a hidden gem buried near the end of the story: Mitt briefly dated a Jewish girl!

The lucky lady was Mary Fisher, the daughter of Max Fisher, who was an enormous philanthropist to Detroit and Jewish organizations and prominently involved in George Romney’s political campaigns.

Mary is no less impressive as a prominent AIDS activist, partly credited with breaking through Republican prejudice against people with AIDS. Norman Mailer wrote in the New Republic of her speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention, that “yes, the Republicans were paralyzed before the obscene enigma of AIDS and so when Mary Fisher spoke like an angel that night, the floor was in tears, and conceivably the nation as well.”

What do we know about their passionate romance?

At her house, he watched the James Bond film Goldfinger in the family’s private theater before it was widely released. He reported excitedly back to Friedemann about the theater, noting that the seats even had numbers.

That’s kind of cute(?), and I hope Mitt eventually got a movie theater of his own. But will this help or hurt Romney’s presidential prospects? Why didn’t Obama ever date a Jewish girl? Why did they break up? Did he ever get to second base? These are all stupid questions that still need to be answered.

*Disclosure: my high school and Cranbrook would play soccer and basketball occasionally.

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