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Festival of Lights and Zombies

Making the web’s greatest Hanukkah film

Unknown Author
December 16, 2009

Every December, I’ve noticed two things. First, I’m a huge fan of Christmas movies, aside from the Jesus part. And second, I’m a huge fan of Christmas movies because there are very few Hanukkah films that can rival them. Where is the sweet story of the boy and his candle? The rollicking adventure of the little menorah that could? The tale of the rich ba-humbugging Avi Goldberg who hates Hanukkah until the ghosts of famous Jews teach him the way?

One day, I intend to make a film like that. But until then, I present you with a very special Hanukkah episode of my show, Break a Leg, one of the most successful shows on the web. The lead character, David (played by me), is met by his publicist, Stan Marley, who has what he thinks is a genius idea: a movie about Hanukkah and Zombies. He only needs a Jewish writer to put it all together.

Yuri Baranovsky is co-writer of Break a Leg. His work can be seen on and

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