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We asked how you’re feeling. This is what you said.

Tablet Magazine
December 07, 2023

After October 7th, we asked you to send us a single word that captures how you’re feeling. We received thousands of synonyms for suffering and sadness and fear.

These are words and feelings the Jews have long known. Our history is, in many ways, defined by them. The menorah above, created by the Israeli artist Hadas Hayun, is constructed from the words you sent in.

But that history of suffering—and our present pain—also bears so much brightness.

Hanukkah, our Festival of Lights which begins tonight, is a celebration of survival. It is a celebration of rebuilding and renewal and safety.

And may it be again.

In April of 2023, Tablet asked you to tell us about your relationship to Judaism. Almost 10,000 of you did.

In the wake of the October 7th massacre in Israel, we wondered what, if anything, had changed, and so we asked you once again. Below are some the responses side by side, including new questions we posed for the second survey.

From the editors at Tablet Magazine