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Israeli Judicial Surrealism

Episode 4 of Israel Update: Mike and Gadi discuss in depth Israel’s Supreme Court with law professor Moshe Cohen-Eliya

Gadi Taub
Michael Doran
January 08, 2024
Israel Update
Israel Update is a video podcast hosted by Israeli historian and political commentator Gadi Taub and Michael Doran, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. The show offers news from the ground as well as an unparalleled insider perspective on the war.
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In this special episode, we speak with law professor Moshe Cohen-Eliya, former President of Israel’s College of Law and Business, to help make sense of the increasingly surreal world of Israeli jurisprudence.

Israel’s Supreme Court just issued two of its strangest decisions to date: one justifying the court’s veto power over constitutional amendments, and the second affirming the notion that the Attorney General can remove Prime Minister Netanyahu from office without due process, but cannot do so with any future prime minister.

If this all sounds more like politics than jurisprudence, that’s because it is. Professor Cohen-Eliya explains how, for Israel’s Supreme Court, the distinction between the two is quickly disappearing.

Gadi Taub is an author, historian, and op-ed columnist. He is co-host of Tablet’s Israel Update podcast.

Michael Doran is Director of the Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.