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A Rabbi, an Imam, and a Weiner Walk in a Bar

Weiner follower of Pinto, Islam?

Dan Klein
June 13, 2011
(Margarita Korol/TMZ)
(Margarita Korol/TMZ)

Just when the Anthony Weiner story is dying down (or should be), two irresistible items! First, a “goodwill ambassador” for a group of West Bank settlers wrote a column in the “Communities” section of the Washington Times. She suggested that Weiner might secretly be a Muslim, because an Imam stood up for him, and he’s married to one and she seems cool with him and Muslims lie—so how would we know? It is just sense. Amazingly, the column has been taken down—but you can read it here.

Turns out that Weiner is actually a follower (thank god, not in the twitter way) of Rabbi Yoshiyayu Yosef Pinto. Yes, the 37-year-old only-Hebrew speaking Rabbi Pinto. Yes, the Rabbi Pinto linked to sketchy money and weird deaths. Yes, the Rabbi Pinto whose top aide has links with bootleg porn. Yes, the Rabbi Pinto who LeBron James consulted for financial advice. To bad he didn’t tell LeBron to stay home last night.