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Black Bar Mitzvahs

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October 04, 2012
Rick Ross: The Bawse(YouTube)
Rick Ross: The Bawse(YouTube)

The first Black Bar Mitzvah, naturally, was Jay Z’s: In his song “ROC Boys,” he rapped about “Rich niggas / black bar mitzvahs / mazel tov, it’s a celebration bitches.” Then, for good measure, he toasted his listeners with a hearty L’Chaim.

Drake wasn’t far behind; his song “HYFR” is remembered mostly for its music video, a recreation of a rowdy bar mitzvah shot in a Miami shul. And now, Rick Ross: The Bawse announced today that his new mixtape will be released on Octobr 8th. Its title? “Black Bar Mitzvah.” Its cover art?

Check it out here.

Roc Boys [Vimeo]
HYFR [Vimeo]
Rick Ross Cover Art [Idolator]