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Daybreak: Explosion at Jewish Center in Sweden

New poll shows economy top issue for Jewish voters, strong Obama support

Adam Chandler
September 28, 2012
Jewish Center in Malmo(AFP)
Jewish Center in Malmo(AFP)

• In Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, an explosion rocked a Jewish Community Center early Friday morning. No injuries were reported and two suspects were arrested. Malmo has endured a number of anti-Semitic attacks in recent years. [Times of Israel]

• Germany’s Justice Ministry has drafted a bill to ensure that circumcision remains a legal and protected. The bill’s passage, however, is far from certain. [Forward]

• A new poll released by the AJC shows that the number one issue for American Jewish voters is the economy, registering over 61%. 65% of Jewish voters responded that they plan to voter for President Obama. [AJC]

• Publishing house W.W. Norton has purchased the rights to the biography of Philip Roth, to be written by Blake Bailey. Bailey will have unprecedented access to Roth’s archives. [AP]

• News that Wayne Firestone, Hillel’s CEO and President, will be stepping down from his post has raised questions about the future of the campus organization. [Jewish Week]

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