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Daybreak: FBI Probes Galilee Skinny Dipping

Plus a settler leader gets profiled by the Times

Adam Chandler
August 20, 2012
(Sea of Galilee [Flickr])

(Sea of Galilee [Flickr])

• Better things to do?: A GOP congressional trip to Israel is being investigated by the FBI after reports of drinking and skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee took place. Anna Holmes put it best: “So basically, the congressmen went on Birthright.” [Politico]

• Following his much-ballyhooed recent op-ed, Dani Dayan–leader of Israel’s settler movement–got the profile treatment in the Times this weekend. [NYT]

• A 15-year-old boy admitted to taking part in last week’s shocking attack on three Arab boys in Zion Square in Jerusalem, saying “I’d do it again.” Accounts say as many as 100 onlookers did not intervene in what Jerusalem police are characterizing as an attempted lynching. [JPost]

• Michael Hawker, an Australian bank executive, apologized after he praised Hitler for being “visionary.” [JTA]

• Israeli opposition leader MK Shaul Mofaz has demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the country’s intentions for war with Iran and assess whether or not the country is logistically prepared. [Times of Israel]

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