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Daybreak: Final Israeli Election Numbers Set

Plus Chuck Hagel scores endorsements from the pro-Israel community

Adam Chandler
January 24, 2013
Chuck Hagel(CSM)
Chuck Hagel(CSM)

• There a few small shifts following the final count in the Israeli elections. The so-called right-leaning bloc prevails with 61 seats and Naftali Bennett’s The Jewish Home party ends up with 12 seats instead of 11. Meanwhile, Kadima has survived the 2% threshold. [JPost]

• A number of pro-Israel political, diplomatic, and religious leaders signaled their support for former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense. The Pro-Israel group Christians United for Israel however, not so much. [JTA]

• Benjamin Millepied, otherwise known as the reviled man whom Natalie Portman deigned to marry, is moving to Paris to direct the Paris Opera Ballet. Au revoir. [NYT]

• Walter Russell Mead has a thorough breakdown of all the media sources who bungled their predictions of the Israeli elections, sometimes with panache. [AI]

• An inauguration official has confirmed that Beyoncè did NOT sing live at the presidential inauguration on Monday. The best part about this story is that the official had to ask to remain anonymous. [THR]

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