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Daybreak: Israeli-Palestinian Talks to Resume

Rabbi who assists Satmar abuse victims attacked in Williamsburg

Adam Chandler
December 12, 2012
Jordan's King Abdullah II(Telegraph)
Jordan's King Abdullah II(Telegraph)

• According to a report by Al-Hayat, Jordan will host a meeting between Israeli and Palestinian representatives in two months. The efforts will be led by the European Union and the United States. [YNet]

• Following the conviction of Nechemya Weberman on the multiples charges of sexual abuse, Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, who serves as an advocate for victims of sexual abuse in the Satmar community, was reportedly attacked yesterday with bleach. Rosenberg is expected to fully recover. [NYT]

• Ron Kampeas writes on the departure of some of the mainstays of congressional leaders who were influentially pro-Israel. [JTA]

• Frank Bruni opines on the narrowing separation between church and state. [NYT]

• Alexander Aciman has compiled the perfect gift-giving guide for the grumpy relative in your family. [Jewcy]

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