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Daybreak: P.S., Morsi Denies Sending Letter

Plus Tal Law and Romney doubles down on Palestinian culture

Adam Chandler
August 01, 2012

• On today’s episode of Middle East High: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi sharply denies having sent a letter back to Israeli President Shimon Peres after Peres wrote Morsi to wish him well on Ramadan. [Reuters]

• In an op-ed for the National Review, Mitt Romney doubles down on his controversial statement about Palestinian culture. [Politico]

• Seven stories in one: A bus carrying IDF soldiers and three African migrants found sneaking into Israel was apparently caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between Egyptian forces and smugglers along the border. [Times of Israel]

• Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak has given officials 30 days to formulate regulations on the conscription of haredi men into the IDF or else they will be drafted like everyone (except Israeli Arabs). [JTA]

• J14 update: A second disabled Israeli vet died from his wounds following a self-immolation protest. [BBC]

• It’s the first of the month, click at your own peril.

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