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Daybreak: Stabbing Leads to West Bank Unrest

Plus Natan Sharansky’s plan goes from hot to naught

Adam Chandler
April 30, 2013

• Following the stabbing death of a Jewish settler and father of five in the West Bank, settlers have retaliated by attacking Palestinian cars and school buses with rocks. Six settlers have been arrested in connection with the violence. [ToI]

• Jewish Agency Chief Natan Sharansky’s plan for an egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall, which was initially supported (albeit tenuously), has lost support from Orthodox and non-Orthodox factions including the Western Wall rabbi and the Women of the Wall. [JTA]

• Despite reports about former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s cushy lifestyle as a stay-at-home dad, Weiner has also been doing quite well as a corporate consultant. [NYT]

• The Israeli Air Force reportedly killed a Palestinian terrorist linked to a recent rocket attack on Eilat in southern Israel. It’s the first targeted killing since the end of Operation Pillar of Defense last fall. [JPost]

Mad Men/Community star Allison Brie, Jewcy’s patron saint, covers the Swedish pop star Robyn with impressive results. [Jewcy]

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