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Daybreak: Unheard of Chutzpa

Plus Harvey Milk’s camera shop, and more in the news

Dan Klein
December 20, 2010

• An Israeli official has accused Turkey of chutzpa most foul for the country’s claim to gas fields in the Mediterrenean. [JPost]

• The Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat believes that 10 European Union countries will soon upgrade their Palestinian missions abroad to embassies. [JPost]

Harvey Milk’s legendary camera shop is the center of a rift in the civil rights community. [NYT]

• Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spent Sunday schmoozing with 60 Israeli politicians. [NYT]

• Senator Joe Lieberman led repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. More on this later. [Forward]

• The Magen Tzedek, a “kosher ethics” label, will begin testing companies in January. The label will vet already kosher certified companies in the areas of labor issues, animal welfare, environmental impact and business practices. [JTA]

• Firefighter Danny Hayat has died, raising the death toll of the Carmel forest fire to 44. He was 35. [JTA]