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In NYC, Cupcakes Sprinkled With Anti-Semitism

Food truck and Cupcake Wars finalist rails against ‘Zionist pigs’ on Twitter

Stephanie Butnick and Elissa Goldstein
July 24, 2014

New York-based food truck Cupcake Crew doesn’t appear to have sold a cupcake since 2013. But the cupcake company, which boasts of being a finalist on the Food Network reality show Cupcake Wars, is using its sizable social media presence to espouse some surprisingly unsavory opinions.

“Ironically what the Zionist pigs are doing to Palestinian Arabs today is exactly what Hitler and the Nazi’s did to them,” they tweeted yesterday, along with the controversial hashtag #FreePalestine.

Outrage ensued when Twitter users picked up on the confectionary company’s vitriolic spewings.

“New York: from figurative Soup Nazis to literal Cupcake Nazis,” a Twitter user named David Burge wrote.

“Hey @cupcakecrewnyc – You guys sell cupcakes. Probably best to not start spouting off about mid-east affairs,” tweeted Peter Shankman.

This isn’t the first time the apparently defunct enterprise has dabbled in casual online anti-Semitism. We were first introduced to the Cupcake Crew in January, when the company’s tweet about the recent murder of Hasidic landlord Menachem Stark caught the attention of Tablet contributor Tova Ross.

In March, the Cupcake Crew tweeted, “Hysterically laughing listening to French comic Dieudonne #VivaLaFrance,” a reference to anti-Semitic French comedian and provocateur Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, who is notorious for popularizing the quenelle gesture, a reverse Nazi salute, among his French fans.

A call to the number listed on the company’s Yelp page was answered by a man who refused to give his name and said he was unfamiliar with both the company and Twitter.

A video uploaded to YouTube in January 2012 shows “Frankie Cupcake” manning the truck and touting his “baked with love” cupcakes, which, according to the company’s website are available for bar and bat mitzvahs.

Oy. We miss Crumbs.