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‘Marco Rubio Is Owned by Jews! Jews and Freemasons!’

Watch an anti-Semitic heckler get shut down at a Marco Rubio rally

Yair Rosenberg
January 08, 2016

On Wednesday night, Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio held a campaign event in Dallas, Texas. The Florida senator was rattling off his usual stump speech when something happened that was definitely not in the script.

“Marco Rubio is owned by Jews! Jews and freemasons!” shouted a heckler, jumping up out of his seat. Those in attendance were not amused. The man behind the interrupter pushed him back down into his chair, while the crowd chanted “Marco, Marco” to cover any further outburst. “That has never happened before,” Rubio said, in a tone somewhere between amusement and incredulity.

After the man was escorted out by police, Rubio remarked, “This is the greatest country in the history of the world … people can say outrageous things and not go to jail because we are a free people.”

Jewish conspiracy 1, anti-Semites 0.

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