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May God Bless And Keep the Tsar…

Today on Jewcy: Executing a Shabbat dinner in the age of Trump. Showtunes included.

Ilana Ross
October 20, 2017

When my friend Max called me up to suggest we host a dinner for a dozen or so close friends, it sounded like a great idea. I’d been wanting to gather everyone together for a while, at least since Donald Trump was elected and our faith in democracy was upended. Because, even in the darkest moments of history, you don’t postpone joy.

And since Max and I are both Jewish, and I had the next Friday night free, I thought: Why not a Shabbat dinner?

It’s almost a commandment, I said.

It’s the fourth commandment, Max said.

Ilana Ross is a writer based in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter @lanadelross.