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Nebbishy Doc Raps Swine-Flu Advice

‘DocRock’ and five prevention tips

Jesse Oxfeld
November 03, 2009

Know you don’t want to get swine flu but occasionally forgetful of how best to prevent it? Who better to turn to for advice, then, than an bald, dorky, upper-middle-aged Jewish doctor who awkwardly raps about safety tips? Ladies and gentlemen, we present, courtesy of YouTube, Dr. Mache Seibel’s hip-hop “Five Tips to Avoid H1N1 Flu.” Go watch it. You’ll thank us. (Also: Wash your hands.)

DocRock []

Jesse Oxfeld, a former executive editor and publisher of Tablet Magazine, is a freelance theater critic. He was The New York Observer’s theater critic from 2009 to 2014.